Ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer

The info about selected money transfer system is presented on this page, as well as how to send and receive a money transfer and limits on them.

Ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer (“Ria”) is a global leader in money remittances, with services in 149 countries and more than 361,000 locations. With Global Headquarters in California, USA, and multiple hubs and regional offices around the world.

Founded in 1987, the company has grown from a single storefront in New York City to become one of the largest money transfer companies worldwide. In 2007, Ria was acquired by Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT), a leader in processing secure, electronic financial transactions.

The majority of Ria's network is comprised of banks, retailers, and SMEs although the company is also expanding its digital footprint. Customers can send money online from several countries using Ria or agents online services.

In addition to money transfer services, Ria offers check cashing, bill payment, currency exchange and digital prepaid content in selected markets.

How to send money online

For new users, the send money process takes a bit longer. But rest assured, the next time you sign in, the process will be much easier.

  • First, determine how much money you’d like to send, which country you would like to send to and whether you’d like to pay with a debit card, credit card or a bank account. 
  • Next, select how you’d like your money to be delivered. Your delivery options include transferring funds to your recipient’s bank account, a cash pick up at one of our 350,000 agent locations or a home delivery in select countries where this service is available.
  • Then enter your recipient’s information. You will need their first and last name as displayed on their government-issued ID, as well as their email address or phone number.
  • Next, select where and how you would like your money to be transferred.
  • Finally, you will need to register – a process that will make sending future transactions easy!

How long does it take to send money online

The fastest way to send money is by debit or credit card. The processing time for debit and credit cards takes, on average, 15 minutes. If you prefer to send money via your bank account, the processing time takes approximately four banking days. This is because it takes time to verify with your banking institution that your funds are, in fact, available.

When receiving money, a cash pickup or home delivery will be that fastest method – although both options are dependent upon the payout agent or courier’s business hours. On average, cash pickups and home deliveries are available within the same day.

Please note that if a money transfer is flagged for review for security reasons, the processing time will take longer. Other things that mayslow down processing times include:

  • A security review. Since security is our number one priority, we want to ensure all money transfers are legitimate.
  • Financial institutions processing times. Timing may vary slightly depending on your bank.

How much can be sent per money transfer

One can send up to $2,999.99 per money transfer, per day. However, the max amount one can send in 30 days is $7,999. If one needs to send more than this, he should  visit one of agent locations to provide additional information including an ID and other necessary documentation that will help ensure a safe and secure transfer per AML (Anti Money Laundering) guidelines.

What information is required for a transfer

One will need to know your recipient’s phone number, address, and first and last name as shown on their government-issued ID. Additionally, one will need to decide how he would like his recipient to receive the money. If he decides to deposit money directly into his recipient’s account, he will need the bank account and routing number. However, if one chooses to have his recipient pick up cash, he will need to select a local payout location.

How much does it cost

The costs depend on the amount of sending, the speed in which one sends money, and the destination country. While the actual cost increases based on the amount of money one chooses to send, the price per dollar decreases as one sends more.

In terms of speed, there are three choices in selecting how to send money:

  1. Bank account:Sending money through bank account is the least expensive option but will take four banking days from verifing the two micro deposits in account.
  2. Debit card: If one sends money from debit card, the transfer will be available in minutes.
  3. Credit Card: Similar to sending money from debit card, credit card transactions will also be available in minutes.

The exchange rate is calculated depending on the destination country.  The rates online are not the same as they are in-store. Rates vary between riamoneytransfer.com and physical agent locations.

What delivery options are available

For customer convenience, there are three different delivery options when it comes to receiving a transfer. These options include:

  • Cash pickup. A recipient may pick up cash at one of 350,000 agent locations in 149 countries worldwide. All they need to pick up their cash is a valid government issued photo ID and the order number found on their receipt.
  • Bank deposit. The sender needs to know recipient's bank account number and routing number.
  • Courier delivery is available in a few countries: Vietnam, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Peru.

What information a recipient needs to pick up a money transfer

A recipient will need the PIN number provided to the sender, as well as a valid ID to show when picking up the money transfer. His name on the ID must match that on the money transfer. One can track the status of a transfer quickly and conveniently using Track a Transfer tool. The money transfer number is required.

How to edit and cancel a transaction

A sender may edit a transaction by signing into his account and clicking the “Edit” button next to your recipient details, payout method, payment details or money transfer details.

Please note that after submitting the transaction, edits are limited to requesting a modification or cancellation. Additionally, if a recipient has already received his funds, it's impossible to modify or cancel the transaction.

In order to request a modification or cancellation, one needs to contact Customer Service team at +1-877-443-1399 or sign into his account and find the order in history. Then click on the “Edit” button and submit any requests for changes. Depending on the request, modifications may be subject to additional review.

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