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The info about selected money transfer system is presented on this page, as well as how to send and receive a money transfer and limits on them.

Money transfer system "CONTACT"

Money transfer system "CONTACT" was created in 1999. Now the system is operated by OOO NKO "RAPIDA", which is a part of the group of the Bank "OTKRITIE Financial Corporation". Due to cooperation with partner banks, the system has a wide service network. 90 thousand points of service throughout Russia are available for sending and receiving money transfers, and the total number of points on the territory of Russia, CIS and other countries exceeds 400 thousand.

How to send a money transfer


To send a money transfer from a point of service one will need proof of identity, money, and name of recipient. For non-residents of the Russian Federation, a document, confirming the right of residence on the territory of the Russian Federation, may be required. Application for transfer is automatically filled. Additionally, free SMS-informing about the status of the transfer is provided.

How to get a money transfer


To collect money, the recipient has to present proof of identity, and to notify the sender's name, amount, currency and the money transfer control number.

Restrictions on money transfers


·        Residents of the Russian Federation may transfer abroad the amount of not more than $5000 or its equivalent during one business day. For non-residents this restriction does not apply.

·         The maximum amount of each transfer:

    • on the territory of Russia: ₽ 500 000
    • from Russia to CIS countries: ₽ 350 000 / $10 000 / €10 000
    • between CIS neighboring countries: ₽ 600 000 / $20 000 / €20 000
    • in other countries it is defined by local legislation.





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