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The info about selected money transfer system is presented on this page, as well as how to send and receive a money transfer and limits on them.

Service Instant addressless money transfers without opening an account "Zolotaya Korona - Money Transfer" - a 40 thousand. SDPs located in countries: Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Vietnam, Greece, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Nepal , Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. The company's motto: "Our translations - easy, fast, right!" 

Service "Zolotaya Korona - Money Transfer" is a member of the Center of Financial Technologies. The service works on the market of money transfers without opening an account since 2003 and provides services in the territory of Russia and CIS countries. 


  Service has: 

• convenient network of money transfers in retail chains "The Messenger", "Euro", "MTS", TNK-BP; 

• specialized network send and issue transfers through banks; 

• high speed transfer - it can be obtained in one second after sending; 

• Unaddressed - when you make a transfer, you need only specify the country and city where the transfer is sent. Recipient himself can choose the most convenient for him point of delivery; 

• low rates for transfers in the CIS and Russia - 0.5%; 

• SMS-notification on the status of the transfer; 

• ability to monitor the status of the transfer in the on-line on the website of the system


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