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The info about selected money transfer system is presented on this page, as well as how to send and receive a money transfer and limits on them.

Payment System "International Money Transfers Leader"

Money transfer system "LEADER" is an actively developing service for sending and receiving money transfers around the world. Geography of operations covers more than 130 countries. The number of partner banks exceeds 500, and points of presence - more than 130 thousand. The Operator of the system of money transfers "LEADER" is NKO ZAO "LEADER", Moscow. The system works on the market of money transfers since 2003.

How to send a money transfer

Money transfer system "LEADER" offers a wide variety of ways of sending remittances through service points located in banks and retail outlets, kiosks, e-wallet LEOMONEY, transfers to a bank card. To send money in the offices of banks-partners one will need proof of identity and for non-residents, in addition, the documents confirming the right of residence on the territory of the Russian Federation. The operator fills in the application for transfer, and the client needs to verify the correctness and sign. After making the transfer amount, the operator tells the customer reference number, which the client, in turn, tells to the recipient.

The speed of money transfer is instant. Extras include a free SMS-informing of the sender and recipient. The transfer status can be tracked on the company's website and via phone support.

How to get money

Remittances can be received in the offices of banks participating in the system by means of the control number and with the presentation of a document proving the identity. The commission upon receipt of the transfer is not charged.

Restrictions on money transfers

Residents of the Russian Federation can send and receive money transfers in Russian rubles only, while non-residents can send in rubles, US dollars and euros, but to receive - only in rubles. The amount of transfers within the Russian Federation is not limited. For international transfers, residents of the Russian Federation during one day can send an amount not more than $ 5000 or an equivalent. For non-residents this restriction does not apply. The legislation of recipient’s country may pose additional restrictions on cash transfers.


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