There are currently several ways to transfer money: through points of services, from card to card, mobile transfer, using e-wallet and others. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages.


It’s the most common way to send money transfers today. 

The service points are conveniently searched on the websites of money transfer systems. Go to search through the site menu Catalog of money transfer systems. You need to select the appropriate system of money transfers and to use the link on the site Search for points of service.

The facility can be a branch of the retail service under the brand name of the money transfer system, retail banks-partners, as well as paying agents (e.g., mobile shops etc).

To send a money transfer, you will need to show the document proving the identity, and for nonresidents - migration card and registration document (when sending more than 75k rubles).

When contacting the service center, filling out an application for money transfer is not necessary. It will be done be the operator.

It’s possible to track status of money transfers via site of the appropriate system. Many money transfer systems provide SMS-informing for notification of delivery of the transfer. 


This service allows you to make payments from your mobile phone service provider. 

To send a money transfer, you have to either fill out the web form on the website of the operator, or to send an SMS to a short number with full name of the sender and recipient, and the amount transferred.

After that, the payee has to communicate the transfer control number, which is sent in an SMS to the phone number from which the money transfer was performed.

Recipient of a money transfer can get it at any point of service of the money transfer system, providing the id document and saying the transfer control number.

Transfer fee is deducted from the account of the mobile phone of the sender.



This method of translation will allow you to send money in minutes, even if the card Sender and Recipient are from different banks in different countries for translation it is enough to specify a credit card number Recipient, as well as the phone and the card number of the Sender. To send a transfer card payment systems VISA and MasterCard, issued

Russian banks, as well as cards with American Express and Diners Club International, issued by Russian Standard Bank. Transfer on card payment systems VISA and MasterCard, issued by any Bank, including foreign as well as American Express and Diners Club International, issued by Russian Standard Bank.


These are the new ways to transfer funds, which have to become popular. Transfers via e-mail became possible due to emergence of e-wallets. A sender performs a transaction from his/her e-wallet, specifying e-mail addressee and the amount of transfer. The recipient receives the e-mail with a unique link to the activation of money transfer. If the recipient has no e-wallet, he has to create it. 

A voucher can be bought by paying from e-wallet, and giving it to anyone. The voucher can be sent through social networks, Skype, or e-mail. A holder of the voucher can activate it for his/her e-wallet.



The ways to transfer money Advantages Shortcomings
Money Transfer from Point of Service
  •            Assistance by operator in preparing money transfer (filling an application for transfer, etc.);

  •         Opportunity to send and receive cash.

  •             Waste of time waiting in line for service (it is impossible to accurately predict how much time one needs to transfer money);

  •         Not always satisfactory quality of service (all depends on the level of employees and their mood);

  • Not always convenient working hours in service points (lunch breaks, weekends, etc.) and remote transport allocation from home and work.
Money Transfer from Card to Card
  •            Money transfer can be sent and received without visiting point of service from any suitable place anytime; 

  •       Usually, instant transfer in case of transfer to card of recipient, issued by the same bank.

  • Usually, smaller transfer limits in comparison with limits of money transfer system;
  • In case of transfer to the card, issued by another bank, the transfer may take up to a few days.
Mobile Transfer
  •            Convenience in transferring money, operational efficiency in case of urgent transfer;

  •       To send a mobile money transfer one needs to know only mobile phone number of receiver.

  • Higher commissions on money transfers as trade-off for convenience;
  • Low limits on mobile money transfers.
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